The Zen Life Center

Benefit Corporation & B Corp Certified--First in The World

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1425 Tuskawilla Rd #181

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(We are located in the Ulta & Home Goods Plaza

at the corner of Red Bug & Tuskawilla)



positive Social and Environmental Impact reports

​​​Tracking the Impact we Make: The Zen Life Center strives to make quantifiable differences in both our social

and environmental impact while maintaining a profitable and growing business.
(For each year, Zen actually did even more than what is listed under each year)

In 2015 We Provided:
1. 3 full scholarships to impoverished individuals and families.
2. $1,501.98 worth of fitness equipment to impoverished individuals and families.
3. 3 Environment Service days in our Summer Camp.
4. 2 free seminars to local libraries.
5. 6 free seminars to public schools.
6. 200 hours of volunteer work for nonprofit organizations.
7. Free training to our employees and their families.
8. $7,000 in subsidized training and services.

In 2016 We Provided:
1.3 full scholarships to impoverished individuals and families--with an emphasis on kids, girls and women.

These were provided along with continuing the scholarships from 2015.
2. $2000 in gear to impoverished children, girls, and women.
3. 4 environmental service days in our summer camp and 7 in our After-School Program.
4. 10 free seminars to the public
5. 175 hours of service to nonprofit organizations
6. Free training to all of our staff and their immediate family members
7. Free leadership, wellness, and business training to our staff.
8. Paved the way for the first fully B Corp Certified plaza or town center in the world, here in Orlando.
9. Lectured about B Corps at different universities and venues around Florida
10. Significantly improve our environmental footprint
11. $9030 in subsidized training and services.

In 2017 We Provided:
1. 3 full scholarships to cancer survivors and children from the Deaf community. These were provided along with

continuing the scholarships from 2015 & 2016.
2. $2730 of gear to impoverished children and families/
3. 14 environmental service days
4. 15 free seminars/events to the public on things like how to deal with bullies, breaking through limiting beliefs,

leadership skills, self-defense, mass shootings, human trafficking, and more.
5. Free fitness, martial art, leadership training to staff and their family members.
6. Provided sign language training.
​7. Lectured at universities and other events about positive social and environmental impact.
8. Engaged our students and the community in a lake and nature trail clean up.
9. Started a free recycle program at Zen. 

10. Created and provided an official Little Free Library for all community members (created the library out of recycled wood).

11. 125 hours of services to nonprofits and public schools

12. $10,250 in subsidized training and services

In 2018 We Provided:

1. Offered 3 full scholarships to impoverished kids and families from the Greater Orlando Area, and continued our past scholarships.

2. $2450 of gear and supplies to families in need.

3. 30 environmental service days due to our 10K Trash Challenge

4. 12 free seminars/events to the public

5. Helped establish Florida for Good and promote goodness through the combined work of Zen and FFG.

6. Free fitness, martial art, leadership, and business training and seminars for staff and their families.

7. Provided sign language training.

8. Lectured at universities and other venues on creating positive impact.

9. 95 hours of service to nonprofits and public entities

10. Provided recycling for community and free up cycling classes

11. $12, 230 in subsidized training and services.

The Zen Life Center has a formal commitment to donate at least 5% of its time through pro-bono services, which include 3 full scholarships per year (each running for at least 3 years), community service, grants, and commitments to nonprofits in the area, among other activities. To learn more about our charitable giving, please contact us at (407) 695-7555.